Tom & Julia – Woodinville, WA – Home Buyers/Sellers-2004 

March is fast approaching, which brings back many memories of the sale of our home in Redmond, and the purchase of the home we now enjoy in Woodinville. One of the fond memories of those transactions was the professionalism, knowledge, friendship, and honesty that we received from you.

I remember our first meeting to discuss the plans for my family. I told you that Julia and I didn’t know if we were very serious and that I did not want to waste your time. Your reply was refreshing. You told us that unless you located a home that fell within the parameters we defined, you would not call to waste our time.

Your prior experience as a home inspector was an added bonus. I felt confident in knowing what I was getting after talking with you. You were able to explain the inspection report that I received for our new home. With that knowledge, I was able to properly address issues or make routine repairs after the purchase concluded.

You were true to your word that you were most interested in meeting the needs of my family. Your exact words were “If I don’t meet your long-term satisfaction, I don’t have future referrals.”

You have earned my respect! Please feel free to share this letter with any potential clients. I would also be willing to discuss my 100% satisfaction with any of your potential clients.