Ove and Linda – Edmonds, WA – Home Buyers-2019

It has been a long time since we have experienced a person like Michael Wyman. He is professional and competent. He is a man of integrity. Michael has an easy and relaxed work style.  We knew he was busy representing other clients, yet he always responded to our requests quickly, taking whatever time we needed.  We never felt rushed in our initial visits to properties or any subsequent visits or questions.   He maintained respectful and good rapport with the agents and sellers resolving questions quickly and comfortably.  We relocated to Washington from California and benefited so much from his knowledge of the complex buying process, his professionalism, his tenure as a home inspector, the construction of homes, neighborhoods, even the weather patterns.  He has a great referral list of companies and individuals he trusts and works with which also helped us with our relocation.  We had total confidence in his suggestions and recommendations. We highly recommend Michael Wyman to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.